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Shambhala SunSpace » Norman Fischer on a life of “joyful connection”

30 Jun Posted by in Buddhist, Teachers | Comments
Shambhala SunSpace » Norman Fischer on a life of “joyful connection”

A guest post from Shambhala SunSpace.

Current on PBS’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly site:video (and transcript) featuring Norman Fischer — Zen priest, Google teacher, and practicing Jew — talking about meditation as it comes into play in all of these aspects of his life (just as it can in all the aspects of our own!).

Norman is a longstanding, living-and-breathing example of how meditation can become integrated into a life that contains work, play, creativity, and a breadth of religious thought and action. We’re so happy that he’ll be joining us at our coming “Wisdom of Anger” weekend at Omega Institute. (July 30 – August 1.)

As Norman himself says in the piece:

[…] if you stay with this practice long enough, you basically will work through all the knots and confusions that your life has sort of set up within you. The practice will help you work through that and see below, below, below, below all of that to the place where you see what’s really important to you, and what really matters to you is that you are alive, and you are alive in a world with others. You really feel like my life is a life of complete connection, and it’s a life of joyful connection and concerned connection, and then you have to act on that.

Read the complete piece (or watch the video) here.

Everyday Zen: Zoketsu Norman Fischer’s Website

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