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The Three Marks of Existence in Life

29 Jun Posted by in Buddhist, Tibetan Buddhism | Comments
The Three Marks of Existence in Life

The Buddha’s teachings were never meant to be ‘merely’ academic. That said, some of it is pretty heady and an academic approach can be very rewarding. In a short retreat this winter here in Montana, Anam Thubten Rinpoche told the story of studying in France and wishing to visit the city of Pisa in Italy. A friend offered to drive him and off they went. Cruising through the French and then Italian country-side, they passed many cities and after passing one that had a suspicious looking leaning tower, Anam Thubten asked the driver, “do you know how much further to Pisa?” The driver, taking a moment, said, “I think that was it.”

The moral of the story is that we need maps and we would do well to study them. The Buddha’s teachings literally point us to a magga, a path. The path, the Dhamma/Dharma, is eternal and does not depend on the Buddha or Buddhism to exist. But the guidance, the map, so to speak, is the Buddha’s many teachings.

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